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Benefits of a Chapter 7 bankruptcyHere are the most common benefits of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy:

Get Rid of Unwanted Debt Fast: From start to finish a Chapter 7 usually lasts about 5 to 6 months. Then you’re debt free and enjoying life again. Fast and simple!

Keep All Your Property: Nothing to fear. The average person keeps all their property in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This includes your home, cars, retirement accounts, cash, and all household goods and furnishings. That’s because California has a very generous set of property exemptions.

Make Bill Collectors Leave You Alone: As soon as you file your Chapter 7 bankruptcy your creditors are restrained from calling or writing you. If they want to talk to someone about your bill they have to call me. And frankly, they seldom do that because I know their tactics. Peace of mind . . . just another of the many benefits of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Stop Paying Creditors and Start Feeding Your Own Family: Let’s face it . . . you and your family are your number one priority. How long are you willing to put your creditor’s family ahead of your own family? You can stop paying these creditors as soon as you hire me. Your creditors are prohibited by powerful federal law from contacting you or calling you after you file your Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Stop Auto Repossession: Chapter 7 bankruptcy will stop your creditor from taking your car as long as you file your bankruptcy prior to the car being repossessed.

Stop Wage Garnishment and Bank Levy: Once a creditor gets a judgment against you he can immediately move to garnish your wages. As soon as you find out your wages are being garnished you need to contact me. I can stop that wage garnishment fast. Quite often I can even get back wages that a creditor has already taken from your paycheck.

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Stop Lawsuits: Once you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy creditors are instantly stopped dead in their tracks. Your creditors are forbidden by powerful federal law from commencing or continuing any action against you to collect a debt.

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The Ability to Pay Your Remaining Bills On Time Easily: Because you’ve gotten rid of your credit card debt and the medical bills, etc., it will free up money to pay for your mortgage and auto payments, etc. This is another one of the great benefits of a chapter 7 bankruptcy that is often overlooked.

The Ability to Save Money: You can start that college savings fund for the kids or start saving for a home.

Keep Your Home and Car: Don’t be fooled. As long as you keep paying the monthly payments, you should be able to keep your secured debts like autos and home. Or . . . you can surrender the home or auto and owe nothing. Don’t worry, I can help you make arrangements to keep your house and car if you can continue making the monthly payment.

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